Profoundly sensitive to supporting contemporary creativity, Sosta Palmizi has been sustaining a permanent nucleus of Associated Artists for a number of years: performers, choreographers, as well as collaborators in the productions of Raffaella Giordano and Giorgio Rossi.

Every year, Sosta Palmizi chooses to gives its support to some of the choreographers and/or companies belonging to this nucleus, assisting them in the development of their creativity, production, distribution and administrative and artistic consultancy.

This support is customized according to the individual needs and diverse sensibility of each group and can also be maintained over an extended period of time for some of the dance companies that were promoted in previous years.

The caring attitude of the directors and of Sosta Palmizi as a whole towards the artist and his works has always been a fundamental characteristic of these undertakings and involves an almost “old fashioned” approach that stimulates, nurtures and accompanies the creation process with respect, while maintaining a fertile environment that is open to the exchange of ideas. Within this context stimulating collaborations are also created with other companies that at times result in actual co-productions.

The artists and companies that today constitute the body of Associated Artists:
The artists and companies that have been a part of the body of Associated Artists in previous years:
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