The 2021 production project inevitably includes the point of arrival of some projects born last year and the birth of new creations that deal with different forms and themes, in a playful mixture of languages, as in the multidisciplinary work Gli Ultimi Giorni di Pompeo by Andrea Pazienza.
The show, a co-production with Prato’s Teatro Metastasio, combines the ironic dance of Giorgio Rossi, a personal friend of the deceased cartoonist, with the theatrical language of actors Riccardo Goretti and Massimo Bonechi.

As part of the project “Così remoti, così vicini / Nuove idee per un teatro a distanza”, a new version of Black Black Sky – Performing Universe has been created: a project that can be streamed to secondary schools, with the support of Fondazione Toscana Spettacolo Onlus and Regione Toscana. The performance is a fertile union between dance by Giorgio Rossi, theatre and science, in co-production with Pacta dei Teatri and in collaboration with the astrophysicist Stefano Sandrelli (with the patronage of the International Astronomical Union and INAF).

Still within a transversal sphere of scenic writing, artistic director Raffaella Giordano collaborates in close artistic dialogue with actress Elisa Pol for the creation of her Walking Memories; an incursion into the borderlands between theatre, choreographic action and philosophy. The project, a Sosta Palmizi and Nerval Teatro co-production, will debut in September at the Contemporanea Festival in Prato. The first episode is the winner of the 2020 ERT (Emilia Romagna Teatro) call for proposals for production support.

The national premiere of REGENLAND_Elogio del Buio, choreographed and performed by Elisabetta Lauro, is presented in a streaming version at the Teatro Mario Spina in Castiglion Fiorentino, at the opening of the programme Nutrire di bellezza lo sguardo (Invito di Sosta 20/21). Translated from German as “land of rain”, the performance evokes an interior imagery with leaden contours aimed at the revelation of an invisible state.

A Sonja by Federica Tardito, freely inspired by the homonymous character in A. Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya, with autobiographical contours and an ironic trait, characteristic of her authorial path, makes its debut in November at the Lavanderia a Vapore/Piemonte dal Vivo after a summer preview at the Festival Cross in Verbania.

Francesca Antonino, Laura Chieffo, Ilaria Quaglia present, at Kilowatt Festival 2021, Granito for the first time in an extended version, in co-production with the company DEJA DONNE, while the duet 20-20 by Gabriella Maiorino will be hosted in Turin for Officine Caos.

The creation Bisbigliata Creatura by Mariella Celia and Cinzia Sità will be presented in national premiere at Napoli Teatro Festival after some site specific summer versions. A choreography that deals with the theme of fragility in dialectic relation with power understood as potentiality and ability to act and show oneself strong only by necessity.

The productive support for the creations of the young author Sofia Nappi is confirmed. During the year she will work on extended versions of the Wabi_Sabi trio and the IMA quintet. The latter, commissioned, co-produced and presented in a short version by the Venice Biennale 2020, will also be in co-production with the International Dance Colours Festival in Stuttgart.

In 2021 Sosta Palmizi, together with Teatro Fontemaggiore in Perugia and Compagnia Panedenti, will present SOLI: a children’s theatre work developed around the relationship between siblings, with the collaboration of the associated artist Aldo Rendina.

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