The educational and courses activities consist in various forms of practice, in depth study and specialization workshops directed at professional dancers and actors, and specific courses for children and amateurs, both in the Cortona premises and in academies, theatrical organizations, festivals and associations on both a national and international level.
For more than twenty years Raffaella Giordano and Giorgio Rossi have been developing a course of study that is the fruit of their experiences as contemporary authors as well encounters with some of the most important artists of this century. The teaching method is similar in context but differs in terms of sensibility and is an important moment of confrontation where the means of communication is not limited to a single method but is a kind of listening in constant evolution. Of particolar significante were the projects Azione, a high level formation programme that created a teaching network throughout Tuscany (2016/2019) and Scritture per la danza contemporanea Writing for Contemporary dance (2009/2012), a bi-annual course for the sensibilization and development of the arts of body movement.
The Incamminarsi project, started in 2012, and recently opened to children(Incamminarsi a piccoli passi),as well as adults, was created with the objective of bringing the art of movement to the general public. To coincide with the programme of events in Arezzo there are a number of educational activities that are offered to the public in collaboration with the guest artists and companies.

On-site courses

off-site courses

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