Roundtrip is a project for the internationalization of contemporary Italian dance conceived and curated by Sosta Palmizi, Perypezye Urbane and Pin Doc, subjects of contemporary Italian dance production, financed by the 2019 Mibact Boarding Pass plus. The Italian partnership is part of a wider network of European subjects specifically set up for the project by the following structures and countries: Mediagrammi e.V./Germany, LRO Listaskóli Rögnvaldar Ólafssonar/Iceland and Dame de Pic_Cie Karine Ponties/Belgium.



CinemaèDanza is a festival of films that encounter the movements of the body, dedicated to the heterogeneous universe of dance without distinctions based on genre. The films presented represent important stages in the eclectic world of dance and its boundaries, with the objective of portraying the poetry and communicative power of movement regardless of genre, via the art of cinema. This initiative is promoted by Sosta Palmizi, curated by Silvia Taborelli and Raffealla Giordano and takes place in venues throughout the territory of the Province of Arezzo.

This is a site specific project for Cortona that travels through spaces, streets and urban landscapes that are animated and inhabited by artists, accompanying the spectators in a discovery of secret places and revealing a different way of experiencing them. Gestures, movements and the body itself are nourished by the harmonies of the places they inhabit and they interact in a way that reformulates perspectives and suggests new horizons.

Sosta Palmizi in partnership with Capo Trave/Kilowatt develops and enriches its initiatives aimed at the formation and growth of the public thanks to the financial sponsorship of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, call “Nuovi Pubblici”. In a project of collaboration in their territories of residence and activity, the two associations offer new energy and resources to help the public to participate in the cultural activities organized in the Province of Arezzo throughout the year: a process of sensibilization and diffusion of contemporary languages.

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