Sosta Palmizi brings dance to the public through a program of performances in collaboration with the city of Arezzo at the Teatro Mecenate and Teatro Pietro Aretino and the city of Cortona at Teatro Signorelli, in the context of the Region of Tuscany’s project of sponsorship of Artists in Residence.
The two festivals, Invito di Sosta and Altre Danze, which take place annually from November to March, represent an original and ongoing cultural component in the territory of Arezzo through a careful selection of contemporary artists and dance companies.
Throughout the season a series of courses and initiatives that involve the public are created in connection and collaboration with the program of performances.


Aimed at a public with a passion and interest for the world of contemporary dance, artistic research and experience, this festival involves both young artists as well as already established companies.

Specifically created for schools and families, Altre Danze brings a younger audience closer to the world of contemporary dance, and turns the theater into a place of social encounter.

Nutrire di Bellezza lo sguardo

In 2020/2021 Nourishing the eye with beauty embraces the two historical seasons Invito di Sosta and Altre Danze in a renewed and necessary form of diffusion, in intent and space, of contemporary dance. The programming invites the audience, considering also new and experimental ways of meeting.

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