Compagnia Dulcamara Teatro

Valentina Cidda, actress, director, musician. Receives the Grinzane Cavour award – youth section. She has worked as a dialogist and film adaptor for numerous films including Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut”. After studying piano and composition she shifted her interest and passion to areas of experimentation and research and music became an important component of her theatrical work. She continues to dedicate herself to theatre as an actress, theatre writing and above all directing. She has been appointed as creator and curator of theatrical and cultural events for various Municipalities, Institutions and Academies on various occasions. In 2005 she established the Dulcamarateteatro theatre research and production group. Dulcamarateatro has been present in many festivals and theatres since 2006 with performances, installations, video-art and shows. Also in 2006 it inaugurated the Centro Il Garage – of which it takes the artistic direction – a centre for film, theatre and music study and research. Again in 2006 she joined the foundation of the indie-pop band Kiddycar. From 2008 to 2011 she became author and radio host of Radio Rai. 
Over the years Valentina carries on her own research on the work of the actor as a “human individual”, coming to conceive a theoretical and practical method that defines “The sacred mechanics of emotions” and holds numerous workshops throughout Italy. During the year 2014 she makes her debut with the following shows: NATI – Gioia del colle BARI guest at the festival Voci dell’anima. Hic et Nunc – Ritual monologue for three actresses and a mouth Mercantia Certaldo 2014.
Sayoko Onishi, dancer, choreographer and teacher. She studied classical dance first, then contemporary dance at the Sasaki Mitsuaki Art Dance Academy (Hokkaido). She studied Butoh with the master Hironobu Oikawa. From 1986 to 1988 she was engaged with the Hoppon-Butoh-Ha company of Ippey Yamada. In 1989 she worked with the stable group Takao Nakazawa in Melbourne. From 1990 to 1993 she worked as a dancer for the Butoh Tatoeba dance company in Berlin. In 1993 she deepened her studies on butoh by studying Tai-chi, chigong with master Hironubu Oikawa. She realized numerous performances as a soloist in various European countries: in 1996 Butoh dance festival “Chisenhale” in London, “Melkweg” theatre in Amsterdam, International Dance Theatre Festival in Karlsruhe; in 1997 she won the International Competition of solo dance in Augsburg, Germany; in 1998 she took part in the art festival “Five projects” in Tokyo, in 1999 in “Tanz Herbst” in Bremen, Germany; in 2000 she took part in “Japan Festival”, Melkweg theatre in Amsterdam and “Moving Mime Festival” in Tiburg, Holland. In 2001 she began her activity in Sicily with the Sicilian Dance Association. In 2004 she was invited as guest teacher by the Accademia Nazionale di Danza in Rome. In 2005 she is among the co-founders of the International Academy of Butoh. Since 2005 she has been a permanent choreographer at the “Laboratorio Teatro” course of the University of Palermo. In 2005 she won the first prize for contemporary dance in Berlin and in Tokyo in 2006 (Die Platze). She is soloist in the show Il dolce canto degli dei dei with Giancarlo Giannini and in the show Ager Sanguinis Federico II Stupor Mundi with Giorgio Albertazzi. She also works with Remo Girone. She continues to collaborate with various international artists (MAE 3 and MaE2 project together with Robert Touissant). Inspired by the roots of Butoh,
Sayoko Onishi’s work aims to combine both western and eastern elements, both traditional and contemporary. She has been collaborating with Dulcamarateatro for some years now on an educational and artistic level, taking part in some works. Collaboration that is consolidated with Nati and with the new production Ombra.


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