Masako Matsushita

Italian-Japanese movement ar1st, Masako Matsushita deals with movement analysis through research processes, choreographic projects, performa1ve installa1ons and social experiments. She creates structures and atmospheres in which to explore the presence of the body in 1me and space by ac1va1ng sensorial percep1ons and archiving methods, connec1ng culture and aesthe1cs, iden1ty and tradi1on. She has been an ar1st-in-residence in Europe and overseas including; Residency Unlimited (NY), Centro Ar1
Visive Pescheria Pesaro (IT), Erkki Hirvela Atelier Jämsä, PimOff Milan, CSC Garage Nardini, Teatro Sperimentale Pesaro amongst others. Masako presents her own works and has worked in collabora1on with other ar1sts in fes1vals including CivitanovaDanza 2.0 IT, Revnedans e Sånafest (NO), Drodesera35° Motherlode (IT), 16° Quadriennale d’Arte di Roma (IT), The Ero1c Cloth (UK), Swallowsfeet (UK), Neu/Now (NL), ITS (NL), Fes1val Ammu1namen1 (IT), B-mo1on (IT), Haut Fes1val (DK). In collabora1on with the Norwegian ar1st Ingvild Isaksen they form the duo A MasIng Produc/ons crea1ng among the various works LAND SKAP vol.1/vol.2 produced by Sånafest Fes1val with the support of DE.MO./Movin’UP II session 2016 and promoted by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Ac1vi1es and Tourism and GAI – Associa1on for the Touring of Young Ar1sts.


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