Compagnia Dimitri/Canessa

Elisa Canessa and Federico Dimitri decide in 2013 to make their own work path autonomous, giving life to their own theatrical research. Thus was born the Dimitri/Canessa Company. At the same time both continue their work as interpreters for numerous dance and theatre companies. The Dimitri/Canessa company is appreciated for its research work, for its shows continuously hovering between dance, theatre and performance, characterized by a register that ranges from the dramatic to the more flamboyantly comic and grotesque. All supported by a strong shared aesthetic sense. The main interest is not to give the research a pre-constituted intellectual meaning, but rather to be totally open to the wide range of human sensations, from the deepest to the most apparently banal and ridiculous, which can, however, bring out the “myth”, whether positive or negative, inscribed within every living being.The company works both in Italy and abroad, particularly in Switzerland, and has three shows to its credit: Bruno (2013), winner of the FIT, Lugano International Theatre Festival and nominated by MilanoTeatri as one of the best shows presented in Milan for the 2017/18 season; ..di Giulietta e del suo Romeo (2014) and Hallo! I’m Jacket! il gioco del nulla (2016), a show that has received numerous awards, In-Box finalist, National Prize for Contemporary Theatre 2017 and winner of the Bando l’Italia dei Visionari for Kilowatt Festival 2017. At the moment, the Company is committed to the creation of the new production, Ad esempio questo cielo, produced with the support of the Theatherwerkstatt Gleis 5 (CH). In addition to its production activities, the company is also involved in training and holds theatre and movement workshops in Italy and Switzerland, collaborating among others with the Accademia Teatro Dimitri in Verscio, the Atelierschule Liceo Stainer in Zurich and the Raphaelschule, school of High Pedagogy in Zurich.
Since January 2018, the company has also founded Wintergarten – Atelier di Teatro Permanente. It is a place that, in addition to being the centre of production of its shows, offers many opportunities for meeting and professional training (Knockout Atelier).



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