Sara Simeoni

Sara Simeoni was born in Turin in 1971.
She graduated from the National Academy of Dance in Rome.
She attends the Accademia Isola Danza (2002) in Venice directed by Carolyn Carlson and the course
intensive Coreographic Collision (2007) organized by Fnasd in collaboration with the Biennale Danza di Venezia directed by Ismael Ivo.
She studies with masters such as Carolyn Carlson, Martin Kilvady , Susanne Linke, David Zembrano ,
Wim Vandeykeibus, Ted Stoffer, Ivan Wolf, Nigel Charnok, Mina Yo, Rehinild Hofmann, Giorgio Rossi, Sebastian Prantl, Roberto Castello and others.
2016 – 2017 Artistic residence at the Laurenz Haus Foundation – Basel – Switzerland
2015 dancer /performer in the 120 days of Sodom -Volksbuhne – Berlin. Directed by Johann Kresnik. Choreographies by Ismael Ivo and Johann Kresnik.
2014 | Company dancer Carolynn Carlson for the new creation NOW with debut in Paris at the Theatre National du Chaillot.
2005 – 2013 | Centre Choregraphique National Nord Pas de Calais Roubaix | Carolyn Carlson
As dancer and performer she has worked in the following creations: Inanna , We Were Horses directed by C. Carlson and Bartabas, Poetry Event and Syncronicity directed by Carolyn Carlson.
As dancer-interpreter she worked in Italy with : Paola Bianchi, Sosta Palmizi, Aldes , Oretta Bizzarri, Fabio Ciccalè , Naturalis Labor, Alefdanzateatro, Tery Weikel, Atacama and abroad with Irene K (B), Tanz Atelier Wien (A) , Art Mouv (F).
In 1995 she was awarded as best interpreter at the international dance competition Città di Rieti and Vignale Danza.


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