Cuenca/Lauro is the artistic collaboration between the two Berlin-based dancer and choreographers Elisabetta Lauro and Cèsar Augusto Cuenca Torres. They both received a diploma in Performing Arts at the Folkwang University of Arts and finished a biennial Master majoring in interpretation. They worked with the taiwanese director Wu Kuo-Chu for the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, the Wupperta- ler Schauspielhaus and the Folkwang University, and have been guests in “Le Sa- cre du Printemps” by Pina Bausch. In 2004 they became stable members of the State Theatre of Kassel, in Germany, directed first by Wu Kuo-Chu and later by Johannes Wieland. They created and performed works of Malou Auiraudo, Vivien- ne Newports, Yossi Berg & Oded Graf, Rootleesroot and the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre. Since 2011 they focused on their own productions. An excerpt of their first piece “Hay un no sé qué no sé donde” won the Special Mention of the Jury and the Audience Prize at Masdanza18, it was selected for the italian dance net- work Anticorpi and invited to different international festivals. The second full eve- ning work “(zero)”got the Premio Equilibrio Production Prize, the Masdanza First Prize of the Jury and it was selected for the Anticorpi Network and the italian NID Platform. The piece toured internationally. They are currently working on “RE- GENLAND-EULOGY OF DARKNESS” a solo by and with Elisabetta Lauro. They have collaborated with the Menhir dance company, with La Compagnia delle For- miche, with the Associazione Sosta Palmizi, with the german company Hidden Tracks and with the turkish choreographer Leyla Postalcioglu.


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