Olimpia Fortuni

Olimpia Fortuni is a dancer and choreographer. She graduated as a dancer at the Civica Scuola di Teatro Paolo Grassi in Milan and at the two-year course “Scritture per la danza contemporanea” directed by Raffella Giordano. Starting with the body, her research has been based for years on the study of time as a quality of movement and on the observation of the relationship between man, nature and animals, which are the central themes of her creations. Her productions involve the artistic contribution of Cinzia Sità. In 2010, together with 11 other artists, she created the Famigliafuchè collective. A two-year research process aimed at the construction of a horizontal work that places the Present at the centre of the work. From 2011 to 2014 she was in charge of choreography for Roberto Rustioni’s productions and taught movement to actors. She has worked as a dancer for “Kiss” by Tino Seghal and in “Lo scorrevole” by Vettori Pisani, for Costanzo/Rustioni, Arearea, la Valdoca, Samotracia, G. Rossi, R. Giordano, Casa Strasse, Zerogrammi, Company Blu, E. Consonni, D. Valrosso. She currently works for Ambra Senatore. She has presented her work as a choreographer since 2014 in numerous dance festivals in Italy and abroad. She is co-author with Pieradolfo Ciulli of “Viale dei Castagni 16” (2014), which won an award at the Next Milano competition. “Soggetto senza Titolo” solo selected at the Vetrina Giovane Danza d’Autore of the network Anticorpi (2016) debuts at Kilowatt Festival 2017 with the full version. She wins the GD’A audience award “Fray” solo selected by the Vetrina Giovane Danza d’Autore of the network Anticorpi (2017), circulated in Italy and France. In 2018 she wins the Bando Mibact/S’ILLUMINA and debuts with “DO ANIMALS GO TO HEAVEN?” first group choreography. In the same year she creates a co-working project “Who cares? Ecology of Dialogue” for Matera 2019 – European Capital of Culture. In 2020 she begins the research path “Studio sull’essere” that sees her in residence at the Italian Cultural Institute in Paris and in Ísafjörður in Iceland within the RoundTrip project from which she starts a plan for the transmission and for a multidisciplinary work that will involve various contemporary artists. Associate artist of Sosta Palmizi.
Collaborates as an artist on projects of various nature and duration for the brand RRUNA, which tells about art through fashion.


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