Piergiorgio Milano

Piergiorgio Milano is an internationally recognized choreographer and performer. His experience includes Dance, circus, theatre and martial arts. He lives between Brussels-Belgium and Turin-Italy, but most of the time he travels around Europe to develop his projects or follow collaborations with other artists.
His experiences as a dancer, circus performer come together in a physical language that combines virtuosity of movement with a strong theatrical aesthetic. His shows and choreographies are always the result of a radical contamination between dance, circus and theatre.
With his solo “Denti” he won the audience prize as best work in competition at the MasDanza2009 festival. With the short form of the show “Ai Migranti” he won the “Equilibrio2010” Award for contemporary dance’ sponsored by the Auditorium Parco della musica in Rome. He has worked and still works with international artists including: Sidy Larby Cherkaoui’ David Zambrano’ Raffaella Giordano’ Rodrigo Pardo’ Roberto Olivan.
“My experience as a choreographer is composed of years of constant research in the interaction between dance, circus and theatre. I set no limits to the types of movement I am interested in exploring. I perceive dance as a territory without regions, where like a nomad I move and stop in every place that can be a source for my experience and passion. This is what keeps my desire to create and explore theatre through the body alive.”


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