Gennaro Lauro

Gennaro Andrea LAURO was born in England and grew up in Italy where, after studying Philosophy and Eastern Languages, approached dance and theatre, working since 2013 as a dancer for the Italian companies Sosta Palmizi (Sulla Felicità), of which he is associated artist, and Atacama (Un bambino). In Rome he was been one of the founders of the Rome-based theatre group Caravan.

Since 2015 he performed in the creations of Romeo Castellucci, Moses und Aron at the Opéra de Paris and Teatro Real de Madrid, and Tannhäuser at Bayerische Staatsoper and NHK in Tokyo. He also danced for the Swiss company Greffe in the creation Zaoum by Cindy Van Acker.

He played in the film projects by Arnold Pasquier and Jérôme Walter Gueguen and collaborated as assistant in the creation (zero) by the Berlin-based company Cuenca/Lauro, the pieces Imago and My Heart is a Gypsy Crow by the Geneva-based company Divisar. In 2019 he became an associate artist of the Paris-based company Compagnie-Meta.

In 2020-2021 he danced in Flora Gaudin’s piece Visseuse Éléctrique (Cie Meta) and in the creation Liminal by Fabiana Ruiz Diaz of the company Circo El Grito.

Between 2021 and 2022 he took part in collective actions of the Co-Creators’ project, conceived and organised by Tanz Station – Barmer Bahnhof of Company Merighi/Mercy in Wuppertal, Germany. In 2022 he also performed in Bruit by the Swiss company Inkörper at the Comédie de Genève.

In 2023 he has taken part in the project elsewhere & elsewhen by Heine Avdal/Yukiko Shinozaki (Cie FiledWorks) presented within the festival ‘OutSpace’ in Flørli (Norway)

Since 2018 he has created his own pieces.

Sarajevo la strage delluomo tranquillo, his first creation, was selected as finalist of the Premio Equilibrio 2018, for the showcase Anticorpi XL 2018 and among the ’40 Winks’ of Aerowaves 2019.

His second piece, Mondo, has been selected for the showcase Anticorpi XL 2020 and among the ’40 Winks’ of Aerowaves 2021. It has been project resident at KommTanz/Cie Abbondanza-Bertoni and FabricAltra in Schio (Italy).

His last creation, ZugZwang, in collaboration with his sister Elisabetta Lauro, premiered in April 2023. The project was selected for the Italian residency program ResiDance XL 2022.

He’s currently planning a new choreographic project for 2024: To Repel Ghosts/Letter to the Father.

He continues to work as a translator for Italian publishers and academic publications.

His deep wish is that his path may be made of his own steps, and not the other way around.


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