Cecilia Ventriglia

Dancer-performer graduated cum laude in Communication Sciences and soon after she started working as a freelance dancer, dedicating herself also to her own creative path. Among the artistic realities with which she has collaborated there are Sosta Palmizi, the Czech Republic’s physical theatre company Farm In The Cave, winner of the XII European Theatre Prize-2010 and the MAI-Marina Abramovich Institute, New York.
As an author-interpreter and in collaboration with other artists has created: The Firebird (year 2013) children’s show cited in Hystrio magazine as one of the best shows of the Youth Theater of 2013 ‘for its composite structure between musicality dance and innovation’.
In two (year 2014) performance of 20 minutes winner of the special mention of the Bando Game 2 – Teatro Stabile delle Marche for “originality in research and expressive capacity”; Dall’altra parte del mondo (year 2016) a second show for children produced by Sosta Palmizi and supported by Teatro Stabile dell’Umbria.
Amateurs (year 2016) a performance born from the project Corte d’amor winner of the call Cantiere Futuro – Teatro Metastasio Stabile della Toscana 2016.
Rosaspina (year 2019) a solo dance-theater produced by Sosta Palmizi.
Also in 2019, Rosaspina is the winner of the national call for Contemporary Invasions and produces Il Chirocefalo del Marchesoni, a site-specific performance created with the intent to enhance and help relaunch tourism in some places in the Marche region affected by the earthquake of 2016.


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