Famiglia Fuché

Famiglia Fuché is a research collective on stage writing, formed by ten artists, in the aftermath of their meeting during the course “Scritture per la Danza Contemporanea” directed by Raffaella Giordano in 2009-2010. Driven by the desire to further explore the wealth of knowledge received during the training period, we set up a research group, whose anomalies are the basis of the originality of its identity and artistic proposal.
Since 2014 Famigliafuchè is associate artist Sosta Palmizi.
Famigliafuchè is composed of: Martina Bosi, Leonardo Delogu, Olimpia Fortuni, Francesco Michele Laterza, Silvia Mai, Chiara Orefice, Floor Robert, Sveva Scognamiglio, Cinzia Sità, Danilo Valsecchi.


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