Giorgio Rossi drawn by Andrea Pazienza 1987

as E. Satie would say, “is a dancing mammal” .

At the age of 4 years, seeing the swiss clown Dimitri performing in the surreal time of the scene, he realized that theater was his life.

He owes his artistic fortune to the chance he had to attend the work of great masters (Kantor, Brook, Bausch, Carlson…) and, with some of them, he has learned scenic art, both as a student and as an interpreter. In 1984, he co-founded Sosta Palmizi, abbreviation under which, in 30 years, have worked more than 400 dancers and performers, who gradually found work in larger Italian and European Dance Theater companies or founded their own groups and some of them today, are part of the Artisti Associati Sosta Palmizi.

With his shows, more than 30 productions, which have exceeded 1500 replicas, he has traveled around the world, thanks to the universality of the poetic art of movement.

He is part of that endangered species of beings who believe deeply in the Poetic Art of Movement. That’s why he calls himself a partisan of the imagination. His dance is made of a playful, self-ironic and moving organic energy, which he hopes will bring him on stage for a long time to come. In recent years he has collaborated with artists from other fields, such as Andrea Pazienza, Paolo Fresu, Bernardo Bertolucci, Terry Gylliam, Stefano Benni, Paola Turci, Lucia Poli, David Riondino, Paolo Rossi, Banda Osiris, Gabriele Mirabassi, Danilo Rea, Elisabetta Pozzi, Jovanotti, Avion Travel, Francesco Bruni, Renato De Maria, Arnoldo Foa, Gianluigi Trovesi, Michele Rabbia, Marco Baliani, Fabio De Luigi, Tiziana Foschi, Eugenio Allegri, Max Gazzè and many others, as well as working with therapeutic communities and various social recovery groups and in public schools.

Come i suoi maestri, cerca di trasmettere l’esperienza avuta alle persone che lo scelgono come maestro. Partecipa come danzatore alla trasmissione Vieni via con me di Roberto Saviano e Fabio Fazio.

In 2012 he creates Cielo di Marzo for 15 dancers of the Rome Opera; in 2013 he takes care of all the movements of Bizet’s Carmen with L’Orchestra di piazza Vittorio, in 2014 he coordinates 320 young people for the Putignano Carnival. In 2014 he works with 12 dancer-artists associated with Sosta Palmizi for the show Sulla felicità and creates a choreography for 22 dancers at the National Academy of Dance.

Da Dove Nascono le Stelle is the title of Giorgio Rossi’s 2015 creation with Simone Sandroni. In the same year he presented his new solo Lasciati amare. In autumn 2015 Giorgio Rossi was the protagonist of episodes of creative sharing with some choreographers. In November he staged 220 Volts… and don’t feel them with the participation as choreographers and performers of Alessandro Certini, Charlotte Zebey, Julyen Hamilton and Raffaella Giordano. Another opportunity to meet was the performance 6QUI, presented as part of the Invito di Sosta event for the thirtieth anniversary of the Compagnia Sosta Palmizi, with all the founders of the historic collective.

In 2016, Giorgio Rossi created a new show entitled Con il naso all’insù for children with performers and co-authors Elisa Canessa, Federico Dimitri and Francesco Manenti and the collaboration of writer Nadia Terranova.

In 2018 he debuted with new dance theatre work for children entitled Costellazioni. Pronti, Partenza…Spazio! created with Savino Italiano, Olga Mascolo and Anna Moscatelli and he is the interpreter, in one of the main roles, in Gran Circo Rossini, a production of Fondazione Pergolesi Spontini and El Grito.

In 2019 he is curator of the training and creative residency at the École des Sables in Dakar, (Senegal) for the exchange project “Italie, Culture, Afrique” promoted by MIBACT, Italian Embassy in Dakar, Italian Institute of Culture, National Academy of Dance. From this experience was born Le Melange des Anges, a work that involves Italian and Senegalese dancers in the enhancement through dance of different cultural identities and in the exchange of artistic practices.

In 2020 Giorgio Rossi will be working with Elisa Canessa, Federico Dimitri and Francesco Manenti in a new production: Esercizi di Fantastica, a creation dedicated to children and families, inspired by the idea of “Fantastica” by the writer Gianni Rodari, whose 100th birthday will be celebrated in 2020. In the same year, together with astrophysicist Stefano Sandrelli and actress Maria Eugenia D’Aquino, he creates Black Black Sky 2020 – performing.

In 2021, he is engaged in the creation of a new version of Black Black Sky 2020 – performing universe, which can be streamed and Gli ultimi giorni di Pompeo, the potagonists of the multidisciplinary work, the well-known cartoonist Andrea Pazienza (the text is his) and his art, combined with the theatrical language of actors Riccardo Goretti and Massimo Bonechi.

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