Access through the expression of cinema allows us to bring together a wider audience the joy of the body in a perspective free of prejudice and rich in human potential. With CinemaèDanza we invite you to a raid in its universe between rigor and freedom.
 Raffaella Giordano

CinemaèDanza is a review of films that meet the expressions of the body, dedicated to the heterogeneous universe of dance, without distinction of gender. The films presented represent important stages in the varied world of dance and its boundaries, with the aim of recounting the poetry and communicative power of movement without distinction of gender through the screen. The initiative is promoted by the Associazione Sosta Palmizi since 2014, curated by Silvia Taborelli and Raffaella Giordano and takes place in the territory of Arezzo and Perugia in different venues.

CinemaèDanza 2021

Edition 2021 Nourishing the eye with beauty… on and off the screen

Now in its seventh edition, this year the review offers an even richer programme: from 3 July to 15 September a programme of film screenings, street performances and meetings with guests.
The poetry and communicative power of the body in movement, regardless of gender, through the screen in 5 events spread across Umbria and Tuscany: Perugia, Castiglion del Lago, Castiglion Fiorentino, Cortona and Arezzo.

The programme below is currently being updated.

CinemaèDanza 2021

The 2021 edition is realized with the contribution of Fondazione CR Firenze, Ministero della Cultura, Regione Toscana.

in collaboration with Dance Gallery/Corpi Uscenti, Lagodarte Impresa Sociale/Rocca Cinema, Comune di Cortona, Cinema Eden/ Officine della Cultura, Associazione L’ulcera del Signor Wilson, Comune di Castiglion Fiorentino.



Cinemaèdanza 2020

Cinemaèdanza 2019

Cinemaèdanza 2017

Cinemaèdanza 2016

copertina cinemaèdanza 2015

Cinemaèdanza 2015

Cinemaèdanza 2014


CinemaèDanza 2020
Lil’Buck: Real Swan (Castiglione del Lago / 28 luglio 2020)
Le Grand Bal (Cortona / 26 agosto 2020)
Une jeune fille de 90 ans (Arezzo / 09 settembre 2020)
Comunicato di chiusura (settembre 2020)

CinemaèDanza 2019
Any step is a place to practice (Cortona / 7 giugno 2019)
Capri revolution (Castiglione del Lago / 11 luglio 2019)
Le Grand Bal (Arezzo / 29 luglio 2019)
Desert Dancer (CinemaèDanza Replay – Foiano della Chiana / 24 agosto 2019)

CinemaèDanza 2017
Triana pura y pura (Aspettando CinemaèDanza 2017 – Arezzo / 16 maggio 2017)
Io danzerò (Arezzo / 2 luglio 2017)

CinemaèDanza 2016
Dancing in Jaffa (CinamèDanza replay – Sansepolcro / 1 luglio 2016)
Desert Dancer (Cortona / 4 agosto 2016)
Mg Gaga (Arezzo / 8 settembre 2016)
Un Ultimo Tango (Terranuova Bracciolini 10 novembre 2016)

CinemaèDanza 2015
Miss Hill: Making Dance Matter / Presentazione CinemaèDanza 2015 (Cortona luglio 2015)
Dancing with Maria (Arezzo / agosto 2015)
Dancing in Jaffa (Arezzo / ottobre 2015)
Grazing the sky (Terranuova Bracciolini / novembre 2015)

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