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study days on dance and movement for adults and amateurs on the trail of their own bodies

Within the activities carried out on the territory and within the Project in support of the Artistic Residences of the Tuscany Region, the association proposes every year since 2012, a specific path addressed to the citizenship. One appointment a month dedicated to amateurs and all those who wish to approach the culture of movement.

The project was created to offer a service to citizens and lead them into the exciting and beneficial universe of the body and its potential. Open to everyone, the monthly Sunday appointments are conducted by professional teachers who accompany the participants in a simple and respectful path. A space of freedom and trust in which to experience the elementary principles of bodily education and Set out towards a gentle exploration of movement.

The meetings do not offer a particular technique, but involve the body as a whole through relaxation practices, qualities and dynamics of movement and relationship, routes of creative exploration, sharing and reflection in a joyful mutual listening.

A fertile environment to cultivate, with all the necessary care, the awareness of a bodily presence, and a perceptive sensitivity able to develop imagination, amazement towards new and different qualities of listening, nourishing our way of living the body and being in the world.

September 2019 June 2020*

Federica Tardito 15 september
Aldo Rendina 20 october
Giorgio Rossi
23-24 november
Elena De Renzio
15 december
Raffaella Giordano
9 february
Doriana Crema
22 march
Elena De Renzio
4-5 april
Giorgio Rossi
17 may
Aldo Rendina
6-7 june

* Since March 2020 appointments have been suspended. A first, new cycle of meetings, from May to July 2020, is taking place on web platforms
Incamminarsi on web will start again in September 2020.

Doriana Crema has been following for a long time her poetic vision in the artistic area as well as in the field of didactics; her research is mainly addressed to the work on the awareness of the presence of the body in the performative field or purely within her own research of personal awareness; she is also a psychosynthesiologist. Among the important meetings for her training, those with Anna Sagna, Claude Coldy, Raffaella Giordano, Danio Manfredini, Marina Borruso. She works as interpreter for the creations Quore and Senza titolo by R. Giordano, Rbmk by Claudio Conti, she is choreographer for the group “e skené”. She collaborates as an external eye to the creative paths of several companies in Italy and France. She has been conducting workshops for adults and children since 1988, and she is a trainer in the three-year course of Dancers for the Community of Turin. She conducts the research project “Solitudo”. She is Professional Counselor and trainer at the Superior School of Counseling in Turin.

Elena De Renzio undertook training as a dancer and actress in Italy and then in Paris where she lived and worked in the stage for about twenty years. She practiced aikido and deepened the study of the Feldenkrais method. She obtained the university diploma in Somatopsychopédagogie, Danis Bois method at CF3P in Paris/ F. Pessoa University of Porto. And in Theatre at Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle University. She works as an actress and dancer integrating the practice of clowns and Italian songs of oral tradition. She has important artistic experiences with Giovanna Marini, Jos Houben, Michel Dallaire, Philippe Gaulier, Robert Wilson, Raffaella Giordano, Danielle Labaki, Isabelle Dubouloz. He creates “Ah!Ah!” only tragicomic dance theatre with the EU Junge Hunde bag. She is dedicated to artistic and pedagogical projects in the field of social difficulties in France, and in cultural cooperation projects in Algeria, Mozambique and the Philippines with Clowns sans Frontières. In collaboration with Wolfgang Fasser he conducts activities dedicated to the encounter between art and disability and between bodily practice and spiritual path for the association Il Trillo and the hermitage of Quorle Fraternità di Romena.

Raffaella Giordano trained and worked as an interpreter from 1980 to 1984 with the choreographer Carolyn Carlson in Venice. In the following years she had important experiences in the Tanztheater of Wuppertal in Germany and in the company Esquisse in France. In 1985 she co-founded the historic collective Sosta Palmizi. Since 1986 she has been following a personal research path giving life to numerous choral and solo works, among the most significant Fiordalisi, …et anima mea…, La notte trasfigurata e il Canto della colomba, Quore, Senza titolo, Cuocere il mondo, L’incontro, in collaboration with the spanish dancer and choreographer Maria Muñoz and in 2017 her last solo, Celeste appunti per natura. Always engaged in training, she promotes and directs in synergy with artists and structures of the national territory, study paths for the awareness and development of bodily arts. Over time she has collaborated on numerous theatre, opera and film projects with important directors and authors of the contemporary scene. Protagonist in the film “L’intrusa” by Leonardo di Costanzo, presented at the last edition of the Cannes Film Festival, wins the Nuovo Imaie Award as best revelation actress in 2018. Since 1991, together with Giorgio Rossi, she has directed Sosta Palmizi Association in Cortona, Tuscany, working to develop a place of reference and support for Italian dance in the contemporary world.

Aldo Rendina trained as a dancer and over time approaches the work of the actor and the clown. In the past he owes much to the choreographers Roberto Castello, Doriana Crema, Claude Coldy, Anna Sagna. He grew up especially in the Associazione Sosta Palmizi, dancing in Quore, Per un lavoro in divenire, Senza Titolo, …et anima mea by Raffaella Giordano and in Pasatua by Giorgio Rossi. Together with Federica Tardito, he creates the company tardito/rendina, sharing the interest in a poetic aimed at experiencing the pleasure of watching themselves dramatically and surprisingly ridiculous, the heart of their work. Among the most significant performances Gonzago’s Rose, Circhio Lume, “Oh Heaven” (Il Paradiso possibile), Il Compito; directed by Bruno Franceschini  L’anatra, la morte e il tulipano Eolo Award 2015 and Tempo, both shows for children. In addition, he collaborates in the creation of Sparsi, a collective work for soundpainters, dancers and live musicians. He was Virgilio Sieni’s assistant for Altissima Povertà and Torino|BALLO 1945_Grande cammino popolare. With F. Tardito he created the choreographies for Luna Nera series for Netflix soon to be released and those still in the pipeline for Soli by Compagnia Panedenti.
For years he has been conducting pedagogical activity between dance and theatre, cultivating at the same time the practice of meditation and cranio sacral massage.

Giorgio Rossi as E. Satie would say “is a dancing mammal.” At the age of 4, seeing the Swiss clown Dimitri, he realized that the theater was his life.  He owes his artistic fortune to having been able to see the works of great masters (Kantor, Brook, Bausch, Carlson…) and with some of them,’ he learned the art of the stage, both as a student and as a performer. In 1984, he co-founded the Sosta Palmizi collective. In these years, he collaborates with artists from other fields, such as: P. Fresu, B. Bertolucci, T. Guilliam, S. Benni, P. Turci, L. Poli, D. Riondino, P. Rossi, Banda Osiris, G. Mirabassi, M. Rabbia, M. Baliani and many others; he takes part as an author dancer in the show Vieni via con me by R. Saviano and F. Fazio. In 2013 he will take care of all the movements of Bizet’s Carmen with L’Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio. In 2014 he creates Sulla Felicità with 12 dance-actors artists associated with Sosta Palmizi and in 2015, with Simone Sandroni, Da Dove Nascono le Stelle. In 2016 he created the show Col naso all’insù and in 2018 he made his debut with Costellazioni. Pronti, partenza… spazio! both dedicated to the world of childhood. For many years, in Italy and abroad, he has been carrying out a sensitive activity linked to training in which workshops and collaborations with dance, theatre and circus schools contribute to the diffusion of choreographic art.

Federica Tardito trained as a dancer and over time developed a desire to study the work of the actor and clown. She works mainly with choreographers and directors Georges Appaix, Pierre Byland, Roberto Castello and Giorgio Rossi within the Associazione Sosta Palmizi, with whom she still collaborates. Together with Aldo Rendina, she created the compagnia Tardito/Rendina, sharing the interest in a poetic aimed at experiencing the pleasure of dramatic and ridiculously surprising oneself. Among the most significant performances Gonzago’s Rose, Circhio Lume, “Oh Heaven” (Il Paradiso possibile), Il Compito; directed by Bruno Franceschini L’anatra, la morte e il tulipano and Tempo, both works for children. She collaborates in the creation of Sparsi, a collective work for soundpainters, dancers and live musicians. She has been conducting a pedagogical activity for years. At the same time as attending the scene, she undertakes a spiritual research following mainly the teachings of Marina Borruso.

Place Loc. Fratta S.Caterina 125 – Cortona (AR)
Schedule from 10:00 to 17:00, packed lunch, warm and comfortable clothing cost 22 euros per meeting / 35 euros for the weekend.
You can participate in every single meeting or weekend. We are waiting for you!

How to reach us > map

For enrolment and information Flavia Marini: 347 8851126 from 9:00 to 13:00

> Since 2017 the Incamminarsi project has also been supported within the call Tandem for proposals of the New Publics Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze.
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