Il vestito della scimmia (2004)

direction Giorgio Rossi
interpreters Jonas Althaus‚ Luisa Braga‚ Federico Dimitri‚ Piera Gianotti‚ Jean Martin‚
Heike Moehlen‚ Fabrizio Pestilli‚ Emanuel Rosenberg‚ Anina Sedlacek‚
Stephanie Saner‚ Giuseppe Spina

lighting design Helena Moesch
lighting Lorenzo Bucci
thanks to Giovanni Venosta‚ Stephanie Saner
production sosta palmizi and Scuola Teatro Dimitri – creazione teatrale e teatro burlesco di Verscio(CH)

The performance draws from the book ”La scimmia nuda” by the ethologist and anthropologist Desmon Morris.
Ironically and with tinges of poetry‚ differrent aspetcs of man are highlighted‚ showing that our origin is animal.
The twelve young interpreters‚ actors of the body and of the scene‚ trigger off a playful and tragicomic remark on the human condiction‚ on our habites and instincts.
The man‚ even with an high ability of wondering‚ creating‚ understanding‚ controlling‚ inventing‚ building and modifing the world‚ remains an undefended being‚ limited and conditioned by own origines.