Sphera (2009)

based on an idea by Giorgio Rossi
with Emanuel Rosenberg in the role of Galileo Galileo
dancers Morena De Leonardis‚ Daria Menichetti‚ Piergiorgio Milano‚ Sabine Molenaar
Nouveau Cirque artists Elena Burani‚ Fabio Nicolini‚ Roberto Sblattero‚ Francesco Sgrò
soap-bubble artist Michele Cafaggi
video maker Andrea Cocchi

lighting design Mara Cugusi
organization Giovanna Milano
produced by sosta palmizi

“Philosophy is written in an enormous book constantly open before us (by this I mean the universe)‚ but which we can’t understand unless we’ve learned beforehand the language and characters it’s written in – which is a mathematical language whose characters are triangles‚ circles and other geometrical figures‚ and without them it’s impossible to understand the words in a human way; without them it’s like wandering hopelessly in a dark labyrinth”

1623 − Il Saggiatore − G.G.

Dedicated to Galileo Galilei‚ mathematician‚ physicist‚ astronomer and father of the modern science‚ for his revolutionary and invaluable imagination‚ and because his discoveries‚ inventions and intuitions: inclined planes‚ the motion of bodies‚ gravity‚ the rules of rotation and oscillation‚ have travelled the myriad pathways of the world and produced as many new fruits of their own‚ among them instruments of art and wonder.

A theatrical performance that traces Galileo’s investigations through a mix of performance styles‚ ranging from contemporary dance to mime‚ from poetical circus to aerial acrobatics‚ in order to present an account of the universe written number by number in a silent scene.

A language without words; one made of gestures and movements‚ planets‚ atmospheres and orbits that interweave with the artists’ bodies in an illusionary sidereal space.