Olimpia Fortuni


director, choreographer and dancer Olimpia Fortuni
dancers and collaborators to the creation Pieradolfo Ciulli, Masako Matsushita, Gabriele Montaruli, Raffaele Tori
dramaturg Cinzia Sità
musicians Danilo Valsecchi, Walter Cesarini
light designer Andrea Rossi
production Associazione Sosta Palmizi
with the contribution of Emilia Romagna’s Regional Fund in support of author’s dance 2017/ ResiDance XL 2018 – locations and projects for choreographic creations, action by the Anticorpi XL – Network - Action of Young Author’s dance, coordinated by L’Arboreto – Dimora di Mondaino
with the support of MiBACT and SIAE nell’ambito dell’iniziativa “S’illumina – Copia privata per i giovani, per la cultura”; Regione Toscana/Sistema Regionale dello Spettacolo


The underlying question of this project concerns the relationship between man and animal. Following a personal experience based on a trip to Namibia, the author, in direct contact with nature, has lived that sense of beauty and poetic evocation that springs from the simple observation of the animal that moves freely in its habitat. Hence the reflection, by contrast, on the existence of real lagers in which the animals are forced to live, for reasons related to the needs and conditions of the current market, aimed at intensive productivity. The observation of the market and of intensive production is not the ultimate goal but the reflection from which to look at the order of things, to relate beauty and ugliness, shadow and light, to become aware of and to renew a possible balance between these opposites that are inherent in human nature. The project involves of 5 dancers (including the choreographer), dramatist, sound designer, light designer. The creative process developed through residences in different places and includes  sharing and mentoring  by the artistic directors of the involved structures.


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Viale dei Castagni 16 (2014)

by and with Pieradolfo Ciulli and Olimpia Fortuni
sound landscape Pieradolfo Ciulli
light design Alessandro Capodiferro, Pieradolfo Ciulli, Luca Poncetta

“Why are we so sensitive when it comes to us and so cynical and ruthless when it comes to other people?”

If even the tiniest human failure was seen as everybody’s, we would realise that it does not make sense to be selfish, that ego does not develop human virtues but make them implode into great sorrows.

It starts from here our urge to work using our personal lives and our relationship as starting point of this project. We noticed how society influences our relationship, a society that tends to separate rather that unite, that leads to live day by day. In the harsh times we currently live in, the others become cumbersome, a heavy weight to carry, yet we can only find shelter and rest in somebody else’s embrace. As reaction, we have decided to live together and to face every issue that moving in nowadays arises, bring in every inputs, every obsessions, anxieties, inconsistencies of the outside world. We look for everything we have forgotten of ourselves and of the other, we let things happen, and once we find them we try to make them bigger and highlight them in their fragility. By directing music and lights from the inside, we turned our home into a stage, our daily life into a performance.

Viale dei Castagni 16 participated at NAO CREA Residency; it was presented at AROUND UOVO 2013 MILAN; It was awarded with the prize NEXT Milan 2013; Co-produced and supported by Fattoria Vittadini e Sosta Palmizi.
Project stages Ariella Vidach-Did Studio Residenza NAO crea, Milano 2013 >first study; Festival Caffeine .04, Merate 2013>second study; Residence Oakspace, Bordeaux 2014>third study; Diversia Festival, Kostroma (Russia) 2014>preview; Quasi Solo Festival-Spazio Residenza Idra, Brescia 21 novembre 2014>opening

Fortuni/Ciulli - Viale dei Castagni 16 Fortuni/Ciulli - Viale dei Castagni 16 Fortuni/Ciulli - Viale dei Castagni 16 Fortuni/Ciulli - Viale dei Castagni 16

Olimpia Fortuni

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Olimpia Fortuni

Was born in Macerata on march 22nd 1985. She obtained, in 2008, a degree in dance-theater at the “Paolo Grassi Academy of Dramatic Arts”. In 2010 she concluded a 2 years training with Raffaella Giordano, after which she started up, along with another 11 artists, the collective Famigliafuché. She studied in London with the company Dv8. She’s worked for the German artist Tino Seghal in 2008, for the acting company Costanzo/Rustioni, as an interpreter and a choreographer. Also, she’s been working with the acting company Arearea from Udine, with the Valdoca theater, and with Samotracia dance-theater company from Lecco. At present, she is collaborating with choreographers Giorgio Rossi (Sostapalmizi) and Elisabetta Consonni, and with the Milan’s acting company Strasse.

Pieradolfo Ciulli

Was born in Acquaviva delle Fonti on July 22nd 1984. In 2008 he graduated in Heritage Studies at Lecce University. In 2009 he obtained a degree in Dance-Theater at the “Paolo Grassi Academy of Dramatic Arts”, and he joined – thereafter – the dance company Artemis, directed by Monica Casadei. He’s a founding member of the dance company Fattoria Vittadini. He’s been developping his research on motion with Yoshito Ohno (Butho dance); Julie Stanzak (Pina Baush); Max Cuccaro (Ultima Vez); Maya Weimberg (Jasmeen Godder); Maria Consagra (Laban Notation); Lucinda Childs and Matanicola (Sasha Waltz). He’s been a performer for the world famous artist Tino Seghal in his “Kiss”, and for the acting company Animanera. He works with Fattoriavittadini, Matanicola, Ariella Vidach and Collettivo Cinetico. At present, he’s involved in several projects with Fattoria Vittadini, Ambra Senatore, and Ci.e Zerogrammi.