Franceschini // Droste & Co + compagnia tardito/rendina

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  • L’anatra, la morte
    e il tulipano (2014)

    co-production Franceschini // Droste & Co. (Berlin), compagnia tardito/rendina (Torino), Associazione Sosta Palmizi (Cortona)
    Drama-dance, music and words show for everyone aged seven and over (50 minutes)
    Freely adapted from “Ente, Tod und Tulpe” by Wolf Erlbruch, (Kunstmann Verlag; in Italy: Edizioni E/O)

    Idea, translation, dramaturgy and direction: Bruno Franceschini
    choreography and interpretation: Aldo Rendina e Federica Tardito
    musicians: Friedrich Edelmann (bassoon) and Rebecca Rust (cello)

    scenes and costumes: Cristiana Daneo Cristiana Daneo
    musics by W. A.Mozart, L. van Beethoven, G. Bizet, H. Gal, P. Hindemith, K. M. Komma
    première  5th of  april 2014 within the  Festival Terre comuni -  Fonderie Limone, Turin

    Winner of the Eolo Awards 2015 as Best show in Kids and youth’s theatre category

    It was from a while that duck had a strange feeling.
    “Who are you? And why are you following me all the time?”
    “Finally, you’ve noticed me,” said Death. “I am Death.”
    Duck was frightened. No one could blame her.
    “And now you came to get me?”
    “I am close to you since when you were born – just in case …”
    “In case?”
    “Well, … in case something happens to you. Never know! A bad cold,
    an accident …”
    “And are you going to think about the incident?”
    “Life thinks about that, as well as about a common cold, and all the other things that
    can happen to you ducks. I’m just saying: fox!”
    Duck did not even want to think about it. She felt goose bumps.
    Death smiled at her in a friendly way. Basically she was nice, if we exclude that she
    was what she was. Indeed, very nice.
    “Can we go to the pool?” asked the duck.
    It was what Death feared.

     The encounter between duck and death is a story with an inevitable ending, but unexpectedly fun and light. Primary it tells a simple thing, and that is that death accompanies us since we come to life and that to understand it will help us not to be afraid, to feel less alone and maybe to live more consciously.
    The strange and unexpected friendship between duck and death is told primarily through a choreographic language, thanks to the bodies and movements, but also to the voices of Aldo Rendina and Federica Tardito. A staring, funny and poetic theatrical duet that finds on stage his ideal musical match in the unusual pairing between bassoon and cello.

Franceschini// Droste & Co.

came to life through the meeting of the director and composerBruno Franceschini and the childhood theatre scholar Gabi dan Droste. The company’s work is basedon the idea of theatre as a space for communication, on interdisciplinarity and on collective creation. Latest shows: Nochmal! Drama-dance for children aged 2-7 years; Kaputt! Eine freudige Entdeckung. Music theatre for children aged 2-7 years. –

compagnia tardito/rendina

The company came to life through the meeting of dancers/choreographers Federica Tardito and Aldo Rendina‚ that arrive from a recognized professional experience as performers with choreographers such as Raffaella Giordano‚ Giorgio Rossi‚ Roberto Castello‚ Anna Sagna‚ Claude Coldy‚ Georges Appaix and Pierre Byland. They are united by features of both artistic and formative experience: a past of professional nomadism and‚ most of all‚ the will to confront themselves with authors creations. Within the most significant performances Gonzago’s Rose‚ Circhio Lume‚ “Oh Heaven” (the Possible Paradise) and Il Compito. They collaborate with Stefano Cenci and Dimensioni Parallele on Del Bene, Del Male project. They also create performances and events for urban spaces: Scherzi ad Harte‚ In & Out‚ Tadito for you‚ Lena‚ “Oh Heaven” (il Paradiso sotto). At the same time the company conducts a pedagogical activity with the aim of deepening and diffusing the pleasure to observe ourselves dramatic and discovering to be ridiculous.Federica Tardito and Aldo Rendina are associated to Associazione Sosta Palmizi/MiBAC.

Friedrich Edelmann

Friedrich Edelmann got the first awards at the “Jugend Musiziert” and “Podium Junger Solisten”. After a degree in mathematics he becomes part of Orchester des Pfalztheaters Kaiserslautern. In 1977 he became soloist of the Munich Philharmonic, from 1979 to 1996 with the master Sergiu Celibidache and from 1999 to 2004 with James Levine. In 1998 he was part of the “Nagano Winter Orchestra” under guidance of Maestro Seiji Ozawa. Teaching for masterclasses in USA, Russia, Venezuela, China, Japan and Israel.

Rebecca Rust

Rebecca Rust was born and raised in San Francisco. She won numerous awards (Mendelssohn-Wettbewed, California Cello Clubs etc). After graduating she went to study in Germany. She become a cello soloist of the “Orchestre Mondiale des Jeunesses Musicales”. She attended two masterclass by Mstislaw Rostropowitsch and began a solo career, full of concerts and recordings, both in Europe and in the rest of the world. From 1992 she dedicated to numerous international tours, both in America and in Japan, among which she played several concerts at the palace of the emperor as a soloist of the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra è nata e cresciuta a San Francisco, in California, dove riceve le prime lezioni di pianoforte da parte della madre. Più tardi inizierà lo studio del violoncello al San Francisco-Conservatory con Margaret Rowell. Vince fin da subito numerosi premi (Mendelssohn-Wettbewerb, California Cello Clubs etc.) e continua a studiare con Gabor Reijtound e poi a New York con Bernard Greenhouse. Qui entra a far parte della “Christmas String Orchestra” con Alexander Schneider. Dopo essersi diplomata va a studiare in Germania alla Musikhochschule di Colonia con Paul Szabo. Diventa violoncello solista della “Orchestre Mondiale des Jeunesses Musicales” sotto Karel Ancerl. Frequenta due masterclass da Mstislaw Rostropowitsch a Berkeley, USA, e a Basilea. Inizia una carriera da solista, piena di concerti ed incisioni sia in europa che nel resto del mondo. Dal 1992 in poi, insieme con Friedrich Edelmann, numerose tournée in Giappone: Tokyo, Nagoya, Sapporo, Okinawa, Kobe, Hiroshima, fra cui anche diversi concerti a palazzo dell’imperatore come solista della Tokyo Symphony Orchestra.

Associazione Sosta Palmizi

Not only promotes the activities of the two artistic directors, Raffaella Giordano and Giorgio Rossi, but is also a landmark in the field of contemporary dance creativity; it’s work is particularly sensitive to the quality of the artistic experience, training, and accompaniment of the young generations. It is subsidized by the Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo – Direzione Generale Spettacolo dal Vivo and by Regione Toscana – Settore Spettacolo, within the project to support the Artistic Residences.