Body‚ presence‚ permission‚ encounter
The inner movements
A secret time‚ an intimate space

Orientation traces

“I think of transmission as if it’s an experience that doesn’t translate into a strictly framed practice‚ but develops in a form of listening due to relationships that are always in becoming.

During the time frame of the workshop‚ my function cannot be of teaching a way of dancing but should be of creating hints ad suggestions that together with the dancer formation process‚ should be able to improve his skills towards a basic awareness‚ in order to face with sensibility the infinite dancing forms.

I usually work on the quality of “attention” and on re−discovering the reality of a simple act. How to understand life intertwined with “motion”‚ what supports it and what generates it.

The simplicity to be able to act without forgetting personal sensibility‚ so to take a distance from what we are creating. Self educate oneself to “adopt” an action in its totality‚ finding the sense of union‚ of full attention.

The dancer is bond to a responsibility‚ is exposed to the risk of loosing sight of the idea of himself‚ allowing himself to time and error‚ reactivating the constructing dialogue between ability and limits assumed as a value. During the improvisation time‚ on a more personal level‚ the dancer is addressed to face his possibilities of listening‚ undertaking‚ reacting‚ of “opening up” and willingly intentioned to make experiences‚ putting on the plate his desires and his difficulties.

Words are usually not enough to show the right path to follow and therefore everybody’s life and experience become teachers.”

Raffaella Giordano

Next workshop

Activities on−site @ Cortona‚ Fratta S.ta Caterina

  • 21>25.January.20

    Cortona Raffaella Giordano

    (Italiano)  a cura di Raffaella Giordano
    Info Flavia Marini 347 8851126 /
    Apertura iscrizioni lunedì 9 dicembre dalle ore 10:00
    Fratta Santa Caterina, Cortona (AR)

  • 30.April>4.May.19

    Cortona Raffaella Giordano

    (Italiano) apertura iscrizioni 18 marzo ore 10:00
    Info Flavia Marini 347 8851126 /
    Fratta Santa Caterina, Cortona (AR)

Activities off−site

  • 12>15.December.19

    Laboratorio di danza contemporanea

    (Italiano) a cura di Raffaella Giordano
    CID -  Centro Internazionale della Danza - Rovereto (TN)
    Per informazioni e iscrizioni 0464 431660 –

  • 5>13.September.19

    Laboratorio di danza contemporanea

    (Italiano) a cura di Raffaella Giordano
    DA.RE. – Dance Research – Teatro India – Roma
    Per informazioni e iscrizioni +39 392 4175590 –

  • 20.May.19



    a cura di Raffaella Giordano
    gratuita per allievi della Dance Gallery Perugia
    Per informazioni e iscrizioni 338 2345901
    Home Centro Creazione Coreografica

  • 14.April.19


    (Italiano) a cura di Raffaella Giordano
    Rassegna E’ BAL Palcoscenici romagnoli per la danza contemporanea
    L’arboreto – Teatro Dimora, dalle 14:30 alle 18:30
    Per partecipare alla masterclass rivolta a danzatori, attori e performer inviare la propria candidatura allegando il CV a