Celeste appunti per natura (2017)

solo by Raffaella Giordano
incipit and piano music Arturo Annecchino
extraordinary meetings, complicity and thoughts Danio Manfredini and Joelle Bouvier
editing and abstract compositions Lorenzo Brusci
lighting design Luigi Biondi
costume made by Giovanna Buzzi, painted by Gianmaria Sposito
technical execution Piermarco Lunghi

photo Andrea Macchia

special thanks to Filippo Barraco, Sandra Zabeo, Romana Walther
first open study Complesso di Santa Croce Prospettiva Nevsky, Bisceglie (BT)
national opening Autunno Danza Cagliari 2017

production Associazione Sosta Palmizi
and the support of MiBAC, Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali/Direzione generale per lo spettacolo dal vivo; Regione Toscana/Sistema Regionale dello Spettacolo

Nature is often hidden, sometimes overcome, seldom extinguished 
Francis Bacon


The process of creating a choreographic work by analogy draws on nature for inspiration, and evolves through the language of the body, while the IO becomes solely the point of departure for the overall vision. The roots of this work grew out of a book: The Hill of Summer by J.A. Baker, a bizarre and mysterious English writer who writes exclusively about nature.  His gaze settles on the most minute manifestations of nature while at the same time encompassing the dizzying greatness that surounds it.

What is nature that loves to create, where is death. Similar to the edge of the world in the center of a non-existent landscape, the desire to create form. The silence is dense, like reading piano notes from a great distance. Like wild flowers in a field, that always bloom according to the same rhythm; a dress like the sky or the earth, a splash of colour with undefined contours, an expression of the porosity of the soul. Dear spectator I offer you my path as a gift, reflection of a celestial song.
Raffaella Giordano

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