Scarpe (2009)

based on an idea by Giorgio Rossi
with Giorgio Rossi‚ Elena Burani‚ Fabio Nicolini‚ Francesco Sgró

lighting design Mara Cugusi
produced by sosta palmizi

The shoe as a poetic parabola of experience and individual and collective memory.

A series of images that start from the feet and lead the imagination to the recollections of elderly men seated under the cool shade of the trees‚ who stop playing cards to describe the most beautiful woman they’ve ever seen‚ and how she danced in red ballet shoes; or they recall the boots worn by the partisans – totally unsuitable for war but all they had. Giorgio Rossi dances this story for children‚ telling it with delicacy‚ like a fairy tale about shoes‚ under a moonlit sky that lights the passage of weird characters on a mysterious path.

Because there is no one better than children to believe in a fairy tale about shoes‚ their eyes wide at what the shoes have to tell. The performance combines contemporary dance and nouveau cirque: delicate dance steps interweave with spectacular aerial and ground acrobatics‚ creating the magical atmosphere of fairy tales.