SULLa Felicità (2014)

conception and art direction Giorgio Rossi
authors and dancers Mariella Celia, Eleonora Chicchini, Olimpia Fortuni, Gennaro Lauro, Silvia Mai, Francesco Manenti, Daria Menichetti, Fabio Pagano, Sveva Scognamiglio, Valerio Sirna, Cinzia Sità, Cecilia Ventriglia

Eleven performers selected among the young students of Giorgio Rossi and Raffaella Giordano as well as Associated Artists of Sosta Palmizi, for a performance dedicated to happiness. A work in a direct comparison on this issue has generated a path between personal and collective visions of what could be happiness today. Trusting in the expressiveness of dance, music and words, the performance, with poetry and irony, returns the sense of happiness threatened by the cultural logic of consumerism and possession. Happiness, considered by the author and by the interpreters as a state of mind, may arise from feeling life at any given time in a consensual physical dimension to put forward to a fake virtual dimension linked to the material.

Our condition as human beings leads to a frantic search of happiness. We are caught continuously by the desire to be there, from the will to participate in a wider order. The aspiration, the contradictory nature of human being and his giddiness distinguish it from the animal kingdom, led him to constantly deal with his limits.
The performance is the result of a study proceeded by stages where there have been put forward two essential instances: share and accept our limits with humor. Just dance, creating the opportunity to give to themselves and to others anything close to happiness, though not claiming to give an exhaustive representation. - Giorgio Rossi

“A relay of words, dances and songs often comical, if not ridiculous, that tells a happiness on the surface, so that to purchase or find in the fame; that happiness that brings to laughter the viewer because it is clearly in conflict with the real. (…) In the middle of the simplicity with which we now assert to be happy, between flashing lights and eccentric poses, who remains in silence has always more contact with himself. “ 
Chiara Mattei – Tribuna Italia

“Sulla Felicità is definitely a choral and personal work, in which the main theme given by the director and choreographer is subterranean, present but not intrusive. The dance/actors, called under the auspices of one of the most important Italian choreographers, performing alternating distinctly theatrical register to other more danced. All work is based on the pursuit of happiness understood essentially as a physical discovery or purely emotional, most of what they show on stage starts in part from the memory and by the ambition. (…) A beautiful and pleasant work that leaves a smile on the lips, created and performed by excellent performers. “ 
Valeria Lopresti – Core art-zine


La felicità - Giorgio Rossi - Teatro Mecenate (AR) La felicità - Giorgio RossiLa felicità - Giorgio Rossi - Teatro Mecenate (AR) La felicità - Giorgio Rossi - Teatro Mecenate (AR) La felicità - Giorgio Rossi