La favola esplosa (2005)

ideation and mise en scene Giorgio Rossi
narrating movements of the shaky dance–actors Piera Gianotti‚ Emanuel Rosenberg‚ Cecilia Ventriglia‚
Elisa Canessa/Amina Amici‚ Francesco Manenti/Alfredo Zinola

light design Mara Cugusi
costumes Roberta Vacchetta
music Harald Weiss‚ Stimmhorn
original music Mirio Cosottini

production sosta palmizi
co-production Fondazione Teatro Comunale di Modena‚ Teatro Comunale di Chiasso (CH)
and supported by Bassano Opera Estate Festival
the fabrics are offered by Silk concept store – Como

Playing with the fairytale universe is the same as going deep in the hidden feelings of oneself existence and myths. Leave the different to show itself in the simplicity of acting on the stage‚ where expression is not rationality‚ but ancestral memory.

Shreds of fairytales are stringed as little beads in the memory place.
Leaving them blasting‚ mixing themselves in a surreal way‚ touching the tale’s core without explaining it‚ nonetheless revealing it in its profoundest essence.

A childlike gaze will easily recognize the sense of acting and happening in the place of event‚ decoding occurrences without judgment and with a pleasure proper of the human being‚ floating amongst astonishment and incredulity‚ recognition and amusement.

I saw it in the children’s gaze‚ I heard it in their breathe‚ I perceived it in their attention and moved me and let me feel a privileged and vital part of this world.

Giorgio Rossi

Characters and cues mixed with mocking mark and anthropomorphic taste by Rossi‚ that this time doesn’t participate in the show‚ but as a funambulist puppeteer knows how to scan from the backstage the time and the work assembling… Gianotti and Rosenberg are excellent for transformist capacity‚ she‚ little nervous steps‚ crooked skinny body and bright ferret eyes is a “fool” with sheep curly hear hat‚ he is at times a drag queen – playback singer‚ at other times a fatty looking for love bouncing from a mattress to another.” Francesca Pedroni‚ Il Manifesto‚ 1 may 2005

“The title of this pleasantness’ orgy is symbolic: The blasted fairytale‚ as if the 5 interpreters would be a fuse in the middle of a virtual world fantasy‚ switched on for us by Giorgio Rossi’s go–getting vision.” Vittoria Ottolenghi‚ Il Resto del carlino‚ 20 avril 2005

“Giorgio Rossi is not interested by definitions‚ he is fascinated by the audience’s delighted amazement‚ their wish of lightness that is never able enough to hide the substratum of distress concealed in the fairytale’ folds. “ Sabrina Faller‚ Azione‚ 25 may 2005

“At the end what remains is the enthusiasm and cleverness of all the interpreters‚ the costumes refinement and fancy; the unconventional irony coming out from the soundtrack and the uniqueness of the “childlike gaze” that Rossi strongly defends.” Antonio Mariotti‚ Corriere del Ticino‚ 23 may 2005

On the stage are preserved as in a casket fragments re–emerging from the dreams forest. There is no need to recount everything to discern‚ there is no need to discern everything to dream. Most of the fairytales’ characters are just evoked leaving them blast and mix in a surreal way. Donata Meneghelli‚ festival Il grande fiume‚ 30 july 2005