Costellazioni. Pronti, partenza…spazio(2018)

a creation by Savino Italiano, Olga Mascolo, Anna Moscatelli and Giorgio Rossi
conception and art direction Giorgio Rossi
performers Savino Italiano, Olga Mascolo and Anna Moscatelli
light design Andrea Margarolo
technical execution Piermarco Lunghi
props Bruno Soriato
production Associazione Sosta Palmizi and I Nuovi Scalzi
with the contribution of MiBACT, Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali e del
Turismo/Direzione generale per lo spettacolo dal vivo; Regione Toscana/Sistema Regionale dello Spettacolo.

with the support of  Armunia (Castiglioncello/LI), sistemaGaribaldi (Bisceglie/ (BAT)
Azioni in Danza (Barletta/BAT)
special thanks to
Associazione Explorer, La Baracca – Testoni Ragazzi, Flavia Marini

duration: 47′

Artistic presentation

we all have a common origin, we are all children of the universe’s evolution, of the stars evolution, therefore we are effectively all brothers. There are four hundred billions of stars in our galaxy, and there are more than a hundred billion galaxies in the universe. Thinking of being unique is very unlikelyMargherita Hack.

A show dedicated to the discovery of the Universe.
An imaginative and playful journey that starts from the Earth to go towards the stars.

After years and years of studies and observations of space, Professor Radar wakes up in that much-desired dream: together with the professors Bussola and Calamita, they finally put into action the invention of the century: the Space Carriage. An extraordinary invention to get in search of a place similar to the Earth.

Through this journey between planets and celestial bodies we will be able to experience the Constellations dance: luminous points in the sky, apparently close to each other but actually distant millions and millions of light years. Different points of view united in the gaze of the observer: perspective, relativity, dimensions of time and space, the qualities of matter, the movements of bodies, light, everything is present through play, dance and imagination of those who are able to see beyond the limits of the glance.

And so Professor Radar, Bussola and Calamita will continue their journey in interstellar space and who knows how many other adventures they will live, what new worlds and stars and galaxies  they will discover! And while we see them disappearing, becoming tiny points of light, we are here, knowing that the Earth and all of us are part of the great Show of the Universe. To continue to dance together with our little world, it is important to take care of it.

But now everything is ready to embark on this special journey. Just start with:
Ready, Departure … Space !!

Authors declaration

Our story starts from human beings, to make a journey from the earth to the universe, crossing space and time. Thanks to dance, for its being a balance between matter, space and time, we embarked on a creative journey with a complex theme such as the Universe We trust that body language favors the understanding of a very complex theories, with an experiential and sensorial approach. Through play and ironic situations, where we are nothing more than drops in an infinite ocean, we try to understand what happens to us above the head and even below! The more we try to understand, the more we realize that the pursuit of knowledge is long.This endless quest is perhaps the very engine of life. There are many connections between astronomical scientific theories and the principles of dance: the body is matter and astral matter becomes body. Einstein revolutionizes, with his discoveries, Newton’s conceptions of Space and Time, discovering that time, like space, is characterized by movement. Dance allows us to unveil the Universe not far from us and to understand the dynamics of its movements In this show we tell about the Solar System and its celestial bodies, allowing us to be aware of what surrounds us, or to be precise, in which we are immersed. The Universe is intended as a system that goes far beyond individual needs. Knowing it to take an example means this: every living being, every planet, every asteroid, every single element, even if very small, does its part and participates in the functioning of the whole astral gear. Our story starts from the Universe and to Universe returns.

TOURNÈE 2017/18/19

MAY 14 2017 Chiesa di Sant’Antonio, Barletta (BT) STUDIO

FEBRUARY 28 2018 Teatro Testoni Ragazzi sala B, Bologna STUDIO

MARCH 25 2018 Teatro Solvay, Rosignano (LI) DEBUTTO

MAY 27 2018 Teatro Garibaldi, Bisceglie (BT)

AUGUST 12 2018 Anfiteatro La Luna nel pozzo, Ostuni (BR)

NOVEMBER 9 2018 Teatro Signorelli, Cortona (AR)

NOVEMBER 11 – 12 2018 Teatro Mecenate, Arezzo

NOVEMBER 13 2018 Teatro Pietro Aretino, Arezzo

NOVEMBER 17 2018 Teatro dei 106, Viagrande Studios, Viagrande (CT)

DECEMBER 8 2018 Teatro dell’Oratorio Osio Sotto, Bergamo

DECEMBER 15 2018 Oratorio San Filippo Neri, Bologna

JANUARY 20-21 2019 Nuovo Teatro Abeliano, Bari

FEBRUARY 16-17 2019 Pacta Salone, Milano

FEBRUARY 20-21 2019 Teatro Sanbàpolis, Trento

FEBRUARY 24-25 2019 Teatro Politeama, Bisceglie (BT)

MARCH 19 2019 Teatro Curci, Barletta (BT)

MARCH 24-25 2019 Teatro Comunale, Corato (BA)


Author biography

Savino Italiano borns in 1985, he has a very diversified background in theater, dance and mime he trained with Claudio De Maglio, in Commedia dell’Arte. For the show “La Ridiculosa comedia della terra contesa” he won the Best Production Award 2015, in the 7th International Festival of Mont Laurier (Canada). Since 2014 he has also been training in the field of theatrical pedagogy and he has organized several workshops on the techniques of the commedia dell’arte. He is a member of the company I Nuovi Scalzi and collaborates with other companies.

Olga Mascolo borns in 1985, performer with a dance theater, Commedia dell’Arte and contemporary dance training. She also deals with fire juggling, and expressive workshops for children. She continued her studies in the field oh theatre, facing the lighting and lighting design sector. She is the founder of the company I Nuovi Scalzi. She also collaborates with the company La Luna Nel Letto. 

Anna Moscatelli dancer, she graduated in 2005 in contemporary dance at the Laban Center in London. In 2016 she has cured the movement of ‘Ahia!’ winner of the Eolo Awards for best youth theater show in 2017 (production Teatri di Bari and Senza Piume Teatro). She has worked both in Italy and abroad with different realities including ResExtensa, Petruzzelli Symphonic Lirico Foundation, Tabea Martin, Studio Festi, Balich WS, Kirstie Simpson, Joclecio Azevedo, La Luna nel Letto, Eleina D., Cinethic, Fatti d ‘ Arte and PugliArte. In 2011 she founded the Ass. Explorer for training activities, theater and dance productions. From 2017 she is a dance teacher at the Little Theater School of Senza Piume Teatro and at the Teatro Forma in Bari. She also has cured the scenic movement of the youth  theater show ‘Seicentina’ by Compagnia L’Albero di Melfi (PZ).

Giorgio Rossi as E. Satie would say, “is a dancing mammal” . At the age of 4 years, seeing the Swiss clown Dimitri performing in the surreal time of the scene, he realized that theater was his life . He owes his artistic fortune to the chance he had to attend the work of great masters (Kantor, Brook, Bausch, Carlson. …) and, with some of them, he has learned scenic art, both as a student and as an interpreter. In 1984, he co-founded Sosta Palmizi, abbreviation under which, in 30 years, have worked more than 400 dancers and performers, who gradually found work in larger Italian and European Dance Theater companies or founded their own groups and some of them today, are  part of the Artisti Associati Sosta Palmizi. With his  shows, more than 30 productions, which have exceeded 1500 replicas, he has traveled around the world, thanks to the universality of the poetic art of movement. In recent years he has collaborated with many different  artists from other fields, such as: Andrea Pazienza, Paolo Fresu, Bernardo Bertolucci, Terry Gylliam, Stefano Benni, Paola Turci, Lucia Poli, David Riondino, Paolo Rossi, Banda Osiris, Jovanotti and many more. Furthermore Giorgio Rossi works with various people of all ages including therapeutic communities.

Contact: Associazione Sosta Palmizi 0575/630678

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