Cielo (2006)

Performance for a singing body
and dancing voice

by and with Giorgio Rossi‚ Paola Turci
produced by Sosta Palmizi‚ On the Road Agency

A dancing concert performing two artists: the singer song− writer Paola Turci and the author− dancer Giorgio Rossi. Sky is born from the need of approching a woman’s singing to a man’s dancing.
Pure voice and pure body.
Sharing the stage has been the origin of a performance where Paola Turci’8218; varied actions voice is accompanied by Giorgio Rossi’s movings and where viceversa his dancing succeded in going deep into her words.
All of that has been possibile in a flexible‚ varied action−space having in the end its own rithm.

Critics survey

Paola Turci‚ a dancing voice in a jazz performance

ROCCELLA JONICA. It’s her:“Paola guitar” with stripe‚ her borchestra always and ever “the true one”‚ the artist who knows the deepness of things and at the same time she’s the one who says I don’t understand things well enough.
In a few words‚ Paola Turci‚ vibrant woman unmistacably beautiful‚ an amber skinned one and that color reminds her vocal cords too. She created “Sky” and plays it as main voice also performed by Giorgio Rossi (Sosta Palmizi)

It’s something like a camouflage concert very inique not only because of the former is never a comment and the latter is never ever a portraying. In fact they both work out a rigorous sintax which emotionally involves sound and moving.
Carmelita Celi – La Sicilia‚ 26th august 2006

ON STAGE Giorgio Rossi
Paola Turci persuaded and endeared Roccella

“Inserting in the section Mediterranean sounds (a Jazz Festival) somebody like the roman singer song−writer Paola Turci who’s making a duet with one of the most creative italian choreographers and dancers Giorgio Rossi‚ it has been judged by some people an unusual choice although a winning one (we shouldn’t forget that the bravery itself of passing through new artistic paths determined the festival success)… “Sky ” is a great dancing performance‚ a brave project which showed us Paola Turci more a san intimate performer rather than a rock star like in the past. She has been very good in reining a continuous playing based upon cross−references and quotations between her deep‚ smooth voice and the light dancing of Giorgio Rossi”
Stefania Perrone – Gazzetta del Sud‚ 26th agoust 2006