choreographer and dancer Giorgio Rossi

costumes Giorgio Rossi
lighting Mara Cugusi
music Maurice Ravel‚ Antonio de Curtis‚ Milva‚ Preizner
text by Giuseppe Ungaretti‚ Isadora Duncan

special thanks to Danio Manfredini‚ Lorenzo Cherubini‚ Graziano Migliacci‚ Roberta Vacchetta‚ Beatrice Giannini
produced by sosta palmizi

The movement of waves‚ of winds‚ of the earth is ever in the same lasting harmony. We do not stand on the beach and inquire of the ocean what was its movement in the past and what will be its movement in the future. We realize that the movement peculiar to its nature is eternal to its nature. The movement of the animals and birds remains alwais in correspondence to their nature‚ the necessities and want of the nature‚ and its correspondence to the earth nature. It is only when you put free animals under false restrictions that they lose the power of moving in harmony with nature‚ and adopt a movement expressive of the restrictions placed on them.

So it has been with civilized man. The movements of the savage‚ who lived in freedom in constant touch with Nature‚ were unrestricted‚ natural and beatiful. Only the movements of the naked body con be perfectly natural. Man‚ arrived at the end of civilization‚ will have to return to nakedness‚ not to the unconscious nakedness of the savage‚ but to the conscious and acknowledged nakedness of the mature man‚ whose body will be the harmonious expression of his spiritual being.

And the movements of this Man will be natural and beatiful like those of free animals.
Isadora Duncan

Red and blue

I have waited for you to rise up
Colours of love
And now you reveal a childhood of
It offers the loveliest rose ever
dreamt of.

Giuseppe Ungaretti (1928)

No longer burdened

For a God
That laughs like a child
Many sparrows–cries
Many dances in the boughs

A soul sheds its burden
The fields have such tenderness
Such modesty is restored to the eyes

Hands like leaves
Enchanted in mid–air…

Who fears any longer‚ who judges?

Giuseppe Ungaretti (1934)