by and with Maristella Tanzi
lights Giuseppe Pesce
production  QuaLiBò/Associazione Sosta Palmizi
with the support of Tuscania Danza/Progetti per la Scena – Vera Stasi; SPAM! – Aldes, Carlo Bruni – Sistema Garibaldi/Teatro Garibaldi, Bisceglie (BT); Nuova Danzarte di Savina Pinto (BA)
special thanks to Lisa Masellis e Francesca Giglio

Semplice danza in levare arises from the desire to regenerate the danced gesture and clean it up from the tale. Anyway, there’s still a deep link among dance and the emotion that created that dance in another time space. The body is exposed, finds direct physicality and an essential form of expression. Emotion becomes space . Presence and memory are lightened and simply offered to the audience’s gaze.  Dedicated to all losses and abandonments.

(…)”There is no metatheatrical speech, no direct interaction with the audience, only the desire to drive him in a more intimate territory. The mood is almost nocturnal. The body falls from emptiness in an unknown and not always hospitable space. I have worked mainly on this imaginary space-time, on recognizing and following invisible paths, almost scents, and on the attempt to build new signs .
In a nutshell, it is a performance on memory, loss and abandonment: it’s memory, loss and abandonment of the body in itself, left to fall in a space to survive in it; but also memory, loss and abandonment of consciousness, of mind and soul which inhabit that body. (…)
Maristella Tanzi


Semplice danza in levare 1 Semplice danza in levare 2 Semplice danza in levare 3